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Welcome to Kya Banoge Munna

Kya Banoge Munna ?

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This is one more Social Initiative of Sohum Solutions Group of companies, as its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Founding Objective of KyaBanogeMunna.com is, “To create awareness”, “To educate” and “To help”, Parents and Children’s on possibility of various career options available to choose from.

This is achieved by conducting online / offline - Various Tests, Career Counseling Sessions and Seminars along with performing dramas to create awareness.

Almost every household we come across this question of KyaBanogeMunna ?

This is question is asked to us by so many people around us, and many times the kid become victim of opinions of people around them. Or even parents become victim of opinions of people around them.

Often because of mismatch in Interest and Ability, it causes lots of frustration to Parents and more to the kids because of choosing wrong career path. And in worst and extreme cases it also leads to suicidal tendencies and some even commit suicides.

Kya Banoge Munna is a step to answer these question,


  • Which career to choose from? What are available career options?
  • How to choose career? Will it be right career for me? Will I get success in it?
  • What factors should be considered before choosing a career?
  • Is it possible to find out Right Career Path / Choice using various tests available?
  • How much cost it will incur me to complete basic educational qualification to choose a particular career path?
  • What is earning potential in chosen career path?




Sohum Solutions Vision and Mission

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"Founding Objective of Sohum Solutions is to make this world a better place to live in by realizing the social needs of people.

We are already doing this by developing socio-economical, socio-technical innovative solutions to serve business needs of companies and social needs of people.

This vision is achieved by transforming society through executing projects that meets customer/people satisfaction which lead to the generation of business profits.




Sohum Soft Skills Solutions

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Studies by Stanford Research Institute and the Carnegie Mellon Foundation among Fortune 500 CEOs found that 75% of long term job success depended on people skills and only 25% on technical skills. This is true at other levels as well. For effective performance in the workplace, companies need their employees to have not only domain knowledge, technical and analytical skills, but also the skills to deal with the external world of clients, customers, vendors, the government and public; and to work in a collaborative manner with their colleagues.



Sohum IT Solutions

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Internet/Web Site Development & Maintenance:

We have world class Creative Web Design & Development Team, to design new / revamp existing web sites to suits your requirements

We are pioneer in designing & developing Internet Solutions to Automotive. For Auto Dealers & OEM, Construction Industries, Real Estates Developers, Builders

We enable your business & customer base expand by transforming your websites, Mobile Friendly Websites,“ Migration of current website to mobile friendly versions.



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